International Mercantile

International Mercantile is the most trusted source of 356, 911 & 912 Porsche Parts for vintage automobiles. International Mercantile manufactures and is a worldwide distributor of replacement parts and trim items for the restoration of your automobile.

International Mercantile has a full service "in-house" machine shop plus, fabricating facility and is the source for 95% of the products listed, so delivery is never a problem. Unless marked “inquire” all products are in stock and can be shipped immediately. All rubber products are made of Dupont E.P.D.M. (Nordel) or Dupont neoprene. Oxidation and ozone cracking are non-existent with these two materials. Source reference: The Dupont Company. All products marked O.E.M. are "original equipment manufacturer" and have absolutely no guarantee with respect to oxidation and ozone cracking. 

Quality equals or exceeds original specification. Absolute satisfaction assured. We will provide you with answers regarding installation or any other questions you may have concerning restoration. If you do not find the item needed, please call, email or fax us.

Special Services provided by International Mercantile

  • In-house rubber fabrication and manufacturing, made in America!
  • High Quality Heavy Duty Tops for Speedsters, Roadsters, Cabriolets.
  • Original German Tops and Headliners.
  • Original Carpet Kits (all colors; allow 1-2 week delivery).
  • Vinyl and Leather Interiors.
  • Custom Fabrication. Please call for details on "Special Services".