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Coupe Rubber Kit - 1962-63'
Coupe Rubber Kit - 1962-63'

Paint Kit - All major weather rubber seals for repainting your vehicle. This kit is a substantial saving over piece price, a great bargain for the car owner repainting their vehicle. The kit includes as follows, International Mercantile part number and quantity. M1-2, M2, M3, M5, M6-2, M7-2, M8-2, M9-2, M10, M11, M15A-2, M42-2, M43-2, M45-2, M78 (set of 4), M79, M89-2, M90-2, M112A-2, M46-2, M47-2, M49A, M51, M86-2, M107-2, M124-2, M126-2, M128-2, M149-2. For cars 1964-65…M15A-2 will be replaced by M15-2. Please indicate in check out section VIN number of car as some transition years require substitution of certain parts. If car has Sunroof, M217 and M142 added to order.

Models: 1962-63' 

Type: T6 Coupe